Liven up your Outdoor Space!

Patios have taken an entirely new look and use! With all the innovations and efforts of landscapers and proper planning, Lanai’s have become an extension to the home. You can enjoy and relax on your lanai anytime and have lots of options to choose from when designing the space, ranging from different shapes of furniture and accessories to diverse textures.

Rounded Patios
Why do we always assume that patios must be square or rectangular? Most things in nature have rounded edges; maybe your backyard landscapes and hardscapes should, too. Rounded patios look best with rounded furniture, which invites intimacy and conversation. You could even install a water structure, fire pit or stone table in the center of the circle to create symmetry. For those who want to feel a little more “at one” with the world, a small Zen garden can be placed at the center of the circle or all around it.

Some things to consider when planning your Lanai Living Space
Design to reflect your lifestyle and personality
BBQ area
Fire pit
Outdoor shower

To any given environment, if the lights are used appropriately, they can make an immense difference and that is why lights used accordingly to your outdoor structure can enhance the design features and add beauty. Illumination techniques are very attractive especially when used in the correct manner, providing you with a pleasing look at duck or evening.

It’s important to have a budget, however, it’s always good to let landscape designer Brian Cordero know of items that you want, but may not necessarily afford. This will help him better service you, as such out of budget items may possibly be integrated at a later date, or in stages to ease your expenses. It’s like putting a great outfit together in stages, first the dress, then the shoes, then the accessories (purse, earrings, bracelets etc…)

Not all backyard landscape design ideas have to include flowers. For those with more space, installing a fire pit is a wonderful way to create a cozy outdoor living area. Natural stones, like Bluestones, fit well with all backyard landscapes, because they can be as conspicuous or as subtle as you’d like. For those who are watching their budgets, concrete or bricks can create a more modern feel.

Installing a fountain or koi pond is a great option.  And because fountains and ponds come in all shapes and sizes, they’re an ideal part of landscaping ideas for small backyards. If you have more room – and more of a budget – consider hiring a contractor who can install a small waterfall in a larger pond. Water Features can be used to enhance the architectural style of a house. Outdoor water fountains are especially beneficial in these technological times, serving as camouflage for traffic noise, humming air-conditioning units and noisy lawn mowers.

It might be time to toss out the plastic furniture and opt for a more stylish choice, like rattan furniture. Rattan or wicker furniture will give your lanai area or yard a whole new look. It’s also easy to clean, resistant to stains, and comfortable to sit on. Once you have your new rattan outdoor dining set and wicker sectional, throw in a bit of color to liven up your space. Purchase new cushions, table clothes, and pillows for your furniture.

Although you are outdoors, you don’t need to sacrifice comfort. Use a colorful outdoor rug to pull all of your outdoor wicker furniture together. This will bring your color scheme all the way down to the ground and allow you to sit barefoot in the morning outside while you enjoy a cup of coffee.

If your yard doesn’t have enough trees in it to supply you with shade, supplement it with removable canopy. This will keep both your outdoor furniture and guests cool and comfortable.

While you may enjoy starting your morning off with a cup of coffee while you are sitting on your outdoor sectional, this doesn’t mean you want your neighbors to see you. Be sure to create a sense of privacy when planning your space.

People are very sensitive to smell – more so than you might think. (That’s why so many spa treatments involve scented water).  Those in need of inexpensive backyard landscape design ideas would do well to go for smell over sight. Lavender, jasmine and thyme make wonderful additions to backyard landscapes, and can be combined with the flowers and plants already in bloom.

If you’re looking to improve your landscape for next summer, don’t wait. Now’s the time to start planning.