5 Simple Backyard Landscaping Tips

IMG_6068Want to turn your backyard into one of the best features of your home? Go ahead and use these five simple landscaping tips below to get you started!

1. Create and Implement the Design
The key to a beautifully landscaped backyard is having a clear vision of how you want it to look. You can’t just start the project as you go along-you need to create and follow a great design so you won’t be making costly mistakes. Your landscaping design must include specific details as to the type of plants, products, materials and other miscellaneous items you need. Don’t hesitate to collaborate with your Landscape contractor as well so you can both come up with an even more incredible design.

2. Mow Your Lawn Regularly
No matter how great your entire backyard looks, it will be useless if tall grass is covering it. Remember that your lawn is the most important highlight of your yard, that’s why you must mow it regularly to maintain its appearance. However, regular mowing doesn’t necessarily mean you have to trim every week; you should only do so when the turf exceeds the recommended height for your specific grass type.

3. Prepare the Ground
Before you can begin seeding new trees, flowers and shrubs, you have to prepare the ground first. Be sure to remove weeds, rake leaves, prepare pots, and fertilize the soil properly so that the plants can grow right and easily transform into the garden you’ve always wanted.

4. Trim Your Plants
Your plants also need some special trimming attention. In order to maintain your backyard garden’s appearance, it’s important to keep your trees, bushes and shrubs in shape by trimming the edges and decreasing the height if they’ve grown too much.

5. Add Garden Accessories
Putting elegant statues, water fountains, ponds, pathways, benches and other outdoor features can also give your backyard landscaping a special touch. So go ahead and decide what additions you want to make, but make sure they complement the overall design of the yard.

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