Plan to Avoid Making Costly Mistakes

Landscaping and Outdoor space planning is one of the best ways to improve your home’s appearance and increase the resale value of your property. There is no simpler strategy to increase curb appeal than to improve the degree of landscaping design and hardscapes in and around one’s walkway, deck, and backyard living area in general.

A landscape designer can help you develop a plan and will work with you through the entire design process from consultation to development, to analyzing your site, construction and dealing with  permits if required.

The main benefit of hiring a professional landscaper and outdoor space planner is the valuable insight which comes from years of experience in the business. Do-it-yourself landscaping is a great way to improve your home, and a wonderful activity for a relaxing afternoon but the mistakes of an inexperienced landscaper could cost more in corrections down the road.

We recommend that owners enlist the services of a professional landscaper and outdoor space planner like LanaiScapes to at least get the design and initial concepts started which can help homeowners prevent common mistakes.

Landscaping Mistake Number 1: Not Planning for the Future
LanaiScapes understands plants and the environment. We know what looks great now, and what will still look just as good ten years down the road. Planting certains trees and flowers for example, can start out only a couple of feet high. The do-it-yourself enthusiast may not know plants well enough, to not realize that a particular tree may be capable of growing over ten feet high. This could be troublesome when planted right under a front window.

A common mistake is to choose plants that look perfect the day you plant them, but then they take over the space. Thus you create an ongoing maintenance task.

We can help you plan and design a great looking garden and a landscaped property that will continue to improve in appearance over time.

Landscaping Mistake Number 2: Neglecting the Front of the House
Most people spend their time in the privacy of the backyard. When landscaping as a hobby, many homeowners prefer the backyard to do their gardening and home improvement tasks. There is usually a lot more space to work with in the backyard too, so a lot of ideas can bloom. However, when the front is neglected, it can look really plain, or even bad!

Consider your front yard space to create a look that will not only draw attention but can help improve the value of the home. Appearances count, so put your best face forward with a well designed front yard.

Landscaping Mistake Number 3: Not Having an Eye for Imperfections
When devising a plan for the lawn, we understand that every yard is not created on an even grid. Hardly any yards are! We have an eye for bumps, curves and unnaturalness, which nature brings to every property. We can work with these imperfections with an eye for opportunity, to bring out any flaws and irregularities to create a beautiful and inviting design with a heightened aesthetic appeal.

Landscaping Mistake Number 4: Ignoring foot traffic
Lawn damage can be caused by heavy foot traffic. The best landscape design and lawn landscaping should incorporate strategic foot paths through the lawn.

Landscaping Mistake Number 5: Too Many Ornaments:
A decorative sphere, water feature or statue can dress up a lawn and add a lovely finishing touch to your outdoor space. However, too much of a good thing is not pretty at all. Make sure that your lawn ornaments fit your overall design scheme, and consider sticking with just one or two.

Landscaping Mistake Number 6: Planting Incorrectly
You can kill your flowers and plants and damage your overall yard design by planting incorrectly. First, make sure you choose a spot where there is adequate sunlight and drainage for the type of plant or flower you are working with. If it says it needs full sun, you cannot plant it in a mostly shady area of your yard. Again, you also need to account for the growth of your plant. If you plant something that is tall in front of something that is short, you’re not going to like the design when the plants are fully-grown! Also, try not to plant items too deeply, as this can kill your plants. Dig a hole about as deep as the container they came in.

Landscaping Mistake Number 7: Poor Planning for Color
Every landscape designer knows that color is the most important factor to consider when choosing the look of your yard. You not only need to choose colors that complement other items in your yard, but you also need to complement your home. If you have a red house, for instance, a garden full of pink may look out of place. Keep your plants in the same color scheme, with an accent here and there of another color for interest.

Landscaping Mistake Number 8: Improper Irrigation, no maintenance
Another mistake many people make is creating the best lawns by cultivating the finest collection of the plants and investing a good amount of money, but they fail to take good care of the land. Improper irrigation may cause plants to wither away and cause efforts and money to go waste. Failure to remove dead twigs and weeds may disturb the whole environment.  Plants may even lose their shine if not properly treated with a fertilizer. So maintenance is as much required as the cultivation of the landscape.