Welcome the holidays on the outside as well as the inside! Using natural influences you can easily add color and excitement to your landscaping this season.

Yes! Landscaping can be changed depending on the season or holiday-

  • Add colorful perennials or annuals that coincide with the holiday colors
  • Impatiens flowers in 4 in. pots or 1 gal pots mixed into your landscape
  • Poinsettias for Christmas mixed with green ferns, add accessories such as ribbons and bulbs
  • Hanging ornamental d├ęcor from trees such as glass balls!
  • Bring oversized indoor tree decorations outside to hang from window sills, trees, line against fences, and to place in urns and window boxes
  • String Christmas lights along pathways for greater visibility and wrap them around trellises or lanai borders for a stunning look.
  • Beautiful Wreaths for Every Holiday: Wreaths are often seen gracing household doors at Christmas time in Hawaii, but they can be used for any holiday. Cover a wreath with Halloween decorations for a spooky addition, or mount one filled with bright Easter eggs for the spring holiday