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Meet Brian Cordero

Cordero is an creative landscape designer with over 15 years of well distinguished and classy design experience under his belt.

His philosophy is to work on blending the architecture of the house with the landscaping. With his vast knowledge about the plants of Hawai`i, he has been successful in working with different themes including, Hawaiiana, Asian, and others. He takes pride in his work and enjoys working with diverse clients. Although commercial and luxury home design occupy most of his time, he enjoys helping others and has the flexibility to help even those with small, more cozy spaces. He enjoys helping clients with many aspects of their lanai/landscape which include the hard scaping, outdoor kitchen, pool, and design. Furthermore, Brian also has many years of experience in construction management, so he is reputable and more than capable of managing his own construction sights. He wants his design/vision to come to life and is highly involved in all stages of the project. He works closely with the architects, engineers and interior designers, in order to find what best fits the needs of the client and their home.

LanaiScapes works hands on with their clients and tries to make work fun. We spend a lot of time meeting and collaborating with our clients in order to learn their wants and address every need.

We take pride in our digital technology investment as our capabilities surpass the rest. We not only provide printed drawings, our technology is also able to produce 3D renderings that we turn into YouTube videos for our clients to experience their potential landscape in virtual reality.

Please note: We take all safety measures while presenting which include keeping distance from clients using monitors or zoom.

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