Our Process

Give us a call or an email to set up an appointment.  In our initial meeting with you we’ll ask you questions about what you want to achieve with your landscape project including planned uses for your outdoor space, special design requests, budget* and timeline.

Step 1
Our designer will meet with you for a free site visit to walk through the property and discuss expectations and priorities for the project.

Step 2
From this meeting our designer will put together a Design Proposal for review. The Design Proposal includes the cost of the design, how long the process will take and what items and/or areas are to be addressed with the design.

Step 3
If the proposal is accepted, we will prepare a preliminary landscape design plan, present it to the you and make any changes necessary.

Step 4
A Master Plan is then completed and presented to you with a Cost Analysis. The Cost Analysis is usually broken down into phases and outlines estimated pricing, including installation of the project.

*Note: It’s important to have a budget, however, please let your landscape designer Brian Cordero know of items you want, but may not have the funds set aside for beforehand. This helps Brian to better service you as he may be able to integrate such items at a later date, or in stages to ease your expenses.